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Arsenia Exploratory Medicine GmbH

Merowingerplatz 1 40225 Duesseldorf GermanyARENSIA Exploratory Medicine is a German company entirely specialized to address a strategic market niche, namely the high need for FAST PATIENT RECRUITMENT in Phase I / II / PROOF OF CONCEPT clinical trials.The projects are performed in own, modern Phase I units, which are located in large hospitals in Eastern Europe. ARENSIA brings together large patient populations, incl. treatment/ biological naïve, with yearlong know-how in exploratory clinical trials. The combination of resources and skills is highly potent: we are able to conduct the most complex studies, in patients, in a Phase I set-up at extraordinary recruitment speed. The company has strategic partnerships with prestigious university hospitals in Romania, Republic of Moldova and Georgia for exploratory drug development projects. ARENSIA serves following therapeutic areas: immuno-inflammatory, cardiovascular, diabetes/metabolic, respiratory, hepatology, nephrology, gastroenterology, infectious diseases HCV/HIV, urology, oncology, dermatology, neurology, psychiatry, ophthalmology, pediatrics. ARENSIA has the expertise to perform sophisticated designs and clinical investigations/biomarkers within a scientific environment: intensive PK and PD schedules, long hospitalization, invasive and non-invasive techniques.