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Antibodies Incorporated

25242 Co Rd 95 Davis, CA, 95616 United StatesAntibodies Incorporated (AI) was founded in 1962 to provide essential products for the growing immunology market. In the years since our founding AI has expanded its offerings to include a comprehensive catalog of neuroscience and cell biology antibodies, a wide array of custom antibody services, and contract manufacturing of in vitro diagnostics and reagents. Our manufacturing group is a partner to some of the world’s leading life sciences companies while our contract research group provides custom antibody services and IVD development to a diverse clientele including pharmaceutical and biotech companies, government agencies and academic researchers. AI also proudly offers an extensive catalog of highly-validated neuroscience antibodies which serve as a valuable resource to neuroscientists worldwide. Our Antibody group is an end to end service provider and all work is done on-site in Davis California. Services we offer include: • Polyclonal antibody production (rabbit, goats, sheep, alpaca, guinea pig) • Antibody purification (from production bleeds, cell culture supernatant, etc.) • Mouse monoclonal antibody development • Hybridoma scale-up and purification, hybridoma sub-cloning and cell banking. • Antibody conjugation and assay development