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Annular Biotechnology

7560 Portbury Park Lane Suwanee, GA , 30024 United States AnnularBio has developed a novel approach to mAb discovery with a foundation in combined technologies. This approach optimizes methods for selecting high-value hybridomas and unique mAbs. AnnularBio offers Clients the ABitope Kit, or a panel of complimentary mAbs suitable for use in multiple platforms. This product gives our Clients a competitive edge when making difficult pre-clinical decisions. We strive to reduce your time and costs in R&D that translate into success entering the marketplace or clinic. Annular was formed in 2014 when its Founders recognized the market demand for reliability in contract manufacturing of high quality monoclonal antibodies. Through their collective experiences in the biotechnology industry, specifically commercial R&D reagents, they observed the negative consequences that questionable mAbs have on researchers. Challenging the complacency of the commercial mAb market, they desired to provide innovative and intelligent solutions for researchers that require functional mAbs. Today, Annular has not only developed a methodology for selecting high-value hybridomas but they have an accelerated success rate for Clients with their discovery process.