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Hammerstrasse 49 Liestal, 4410 SwitzerlandAnaPath Services is an independent, Swiss based contract laboratories focused on histopathology services. AnaPath Services was founded in 2012 and is GLP certified 2013. AnaPath Research S.A.U is an AnaPath Services subsidiary located in Barcelona for the conduct of in vivo saftey assesment studies. AnaPath is a team of scientists of different nationalities who are internationally recognized. AnaPath Services were founded to provide reliable, competent and timely services in toxicological and experimental pathology and anatomy. Furthermore, our work combines not only the core business of toxicological pathology but also neuropathology, inhalation pathology, bone marrow evaluations, immunological processes, pathology in unusual laboratory species (fish, amphibian, birds, and invertebrates), hard material techniques, immunohistochemistry, fetal pathology and image analysis. Pathologists, anatomists and other staff members offer their more than 500 years of combined experience from basic consulting via advising study designs and offers for education, to traditional histopathology as well as complex evaluations. In addition, AnaPath GmbH and AnaPath Services are working together with a worldwide network of partners.