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Altis Biosystems, Inc.

6 Davis Dr. Ste. 500/PO Box 12878 Durham, NC, 27709 United StatesAltis Biosystems is a biotechnology company, which has developed a stem cell platform, named RepliGut, recreating both the small or large human intestinal epithelium for drug testing and microbiome research. Our primary stem cells proliferate into all of the normal differentiated cells that you would expect to see in the intestinal epithelium in both a planar or crypt/villus format. It is meant to replace Caco-2 cells and reduce the need for animal testing, for compound screening, during preclinical studies. Altis provides a number of serivces using this platform and sells it to pharmaceutical companies and contract research organizations. Our goal is to make drug discovery faster, cheaper, safer and reduce the need for animal testing. The form factor for our product is an SBS format multiwell plate, which allows us to provide up to 96 different tissue samples on one kit. Altis created a biobank of stem cells from a wide range of different genotypes to offer a more custom-tailored product for its customers. Customers will be able to select a variety of different genotypes that suit their needs and have one or several genotypes on the same kit or multiple kits. RepliGut is suitable for a variety of drug screening studies, including cytokine secretion, transport, toxicity, wound healing, etc., and easy integration into existing automated and high-content screening modalities. No commercially available system using primary human intestinal epithelium exists that meets the rigorous standards of reproducibility and throughput required by the pharmaceutical industry.