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Affinity Biologicals, Inc.

1348 Sandhill Drive Hamilton, ON, L9G 4V5 CanadaAffinity Biologicals Inc. (Affinity) was founded in 1987 by the principals Hugh and Patricia Hoogendoorn. With a strong background in hemostasis research and a focus on reagent development, Affinity has become a primary manufacturer of more than 250 reagents and kits used in hemostasis and thrombosis research and diagnostics. Our product line includes: coagulation related antibodies, matched-pair antibody sets for ELISA, depleted/deficient plasmas, protease inhibitor deficient plasmas, the VisuLize™ line of complete ELISA kits and the VisuCon™ & VisuCal™ coagulation controls and calibration plasmas. All Affinity Biologicals products are manufactured in our Ancaster, ON (Canada) facility, products are sold direct in North America and world wide through a network of branded and private-label distributors.