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Admiral Testing Services, Inc.

12111 River Road Luling, LA 70070A Worldwide Reputation for Accuracy, Reliability and Timeliness since 1743. In international shipping, integrity and trust are the lubricants that keep the machinery of business moving. You must know that each cargo load is the right quality and quantity - and that it is shipped on schedule. Admiral Testing Services is known worldwide for it's precise measurements, thorough testing and consistently accurate documentation. Equally important, our commitment to meeting our clients' timetables ensures that each and every shipment is ready to go right on schedule. Our history goes back to 1743, when Peter Kaus Bodenstein first incorporated in Germany as PKB, a maritime engineering company. The firm merged with Scania B.V. in 1980. Now conducting business as Admiral Testing Services, the company diligently maintains its 250-year tradition of accuracy, integrity and excellence in service to international commodity traders. Today, as we prepare to enter the 21st century, Admiral Testing Services offers the latest in technology and a highly-trained, experienced staff of surveyors, inspectors and technicians. Our laboratories are full of the most advanced, delicate assay equipment and our on-site inspectors are the most highly-accredited in the field. As an independent inspection company, or integrity and fairness are beyond reproach. Our headquarters are in New Orleans , La. , one of the largest volume ports in the United States ; in addition, we have affiliate offices in virtually every major port in the world. Whenever and wherever you need reliable inspection and testing services, we're there. Billions of tons of products are shipped internationally each year; with this level of volume, even minor errors can be magnified into significant losses. When you need accurate cargo inspections and analysis, performed on schedule by a company you can trust, you need the best: ADMIRAL TESTING SERVICES.