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Abwiz Bio

9823 Pacific Heights Blvd Suite J San Diego, CA, 92121 United StatesAbwiz Bio is a specialized in the development of monoclonal antibodies and the affinity engineering of antibodies.We use our patented technology to amplify antibody genes from the organs of immunized animals, develop robust antibody libraries, and screen the phagedisplay method to generate monoclonal antibodies. Unlike hybridoma methods, single B cell screening, and pagedisplay methods using naïve libraries, We are able to obtain a very wide variety of antibodies.If your company is having trouble generating antibodies, or if you are having problems generating antibodies for your target (GPCR target, anti-Idiotype antibody etc) , please contact us. We have extensive experience with humanized animals, mice, rabbits, and humans. For high affinity, we recommend the use of rabbit, as the variety of heavy and light chains is much greater than that of human and mouse, resulting in a higher success rate for difficult-to-generate antibodies. We are also specialized in affinity engineering to improve and control the affinity of antibodies.If your team wants to control or change the affinity, or has any requests, please contact us.