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Agrisoma BioSciences Inc.

CanadaOne of Canada’s leading agricultural biotechnology companies, Agrisoma has developed proprietary Engineered Trait Loci (ETL) as an advanced technology for crop improvement. Agrisoma is utilizing this technology to deliver sustainable energy solutions to reduce reliance on petroleum.

Bureau Veritas Laboratories

114-116 Research Drive Innovation place Saskatoon, SK, S7N 3R3 CanadaMaxxam Analytics provides analytical services, assay development, spectrometry, and product-related services.

Bureau Veritas Laboratories

1042 Winnipeg Street, Regina, SK, S4R 8P8 CanadaMaxxam Analytics provides analytical services, assay development, spectrometry, and product-related services.

Canadian Tumour Repository Network

CanadaThe Canadian Tumour Repository Network was formed in 2004 with the financial assistance of the Institute for Cancer Research (ICR) of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) to foster studies into the determinants of cancer, to better understand cancer prevention and early detection, and to improve the prediction of drug response and the identification of new drug targets. CTRNet operates as a not-for-profit consortium of leading provincial tumour banks and programs that furthers Canadian health research. CTRNet provides interested researchers with a streamlined process to obtain quality human tissue and human tissue products from member tumour banks.

Canagra Technologies Inc

401 45 Street West Saskatoon, SK, S7L 5Z9 CanadaCanagra Technologies Inc. is an innovative Canadian Natural Health and Functional Food Products company (functional foods provide benefits beyond basic nutrition). Founded in 2003, Canagra provides both products and services, by transforming traditional Egyptian knowledge of natural health into contemporary medicine. At Canagra we provide product development and contract processing services. We offer solutions for businesses in various industries, which are looking for consultation on processing techniques and product design. Our goal is to provide practical solutions for technical challenges. Canagra operates the largest custom freeze-drying facility in Western Canada.

Discovery Seed Labs Ltd.

450 Melville Street Saskatoon, Saskatchewan S7J 4M2Discovery Seed Labs Ltd. was founded as an independent commercial laboratory to service the scientific and technical needs of the Seed Industry, both domestically and globally. We feel that we have put together a combination of facilities and people that are second to none in the industry. The staff at Discovery Seed Labs possess an unbeatable combination of industry experience and academic backgrounds in the areas of Agriculture, Seed Analysis, Pathology, and Molecular Genetics. Before joining Discovery Seed Labs all of our seed analysts were trained by Agriculture Canada in their quality assurance laboratories. We are also the only accredited seed lab in Western Canada that has a fully qualified plant pathologist on staff. As a result of our varied and combined backgrounds, the results we produce are accurate and repeatable, while still providing a quick turnaround time few in the industry can match. We take pride in the fact that we are an independent, wholly owned Saskatchewan company. As an independent seed-testing laboratory, we have no ties or obligations to any other business or seed company. We do not sell seed, nor do we promote one company’s seed over another. Our only commitment is to you the customer.

GMZ Care

KODA Care (DeWolf, Glenn, GMZ Care and Tempo Canada) is the leading network of technical service and market-oriented distributors of specialty chemicals to the Beauty Care and HI&I markets in North America, specializing in delivering technologically advanced formulating solutions that are competitively aligned with today’s market trends and tomorrow’s industry forecast. We are a technically oriented organization with a market trend vision.

Phenomenome Discoveries

204-407 Downey Road Saskatoon, Saskatchewan S7N 4L8 CANADAPhenomenome Discoveries provides discovery of metabolite biomarkers, clinical trials and small molecule R&D.

POS Bio-Sciences

118 Veterinary Road Saskatoon, SK S7N 2R4 CanadaPOS Bio-Sciences specializes in extraction, fractionation, purification, and modification of bio-based materials.

Simport Scientific Inc.

CanadaFounded in 1975, Simport® Scientific is a leading developer and designer of quality consumable and reusable laboratory products. Our extensive range of more than 2000 items is sold over the 5 continents through our remarkable distribution network. Our operational agility brings us to offer reliable and quality products that are the bases of effective modern laboratories.

Saskatchewan Food Industry Development Centre

54 Innovation Blvd #117, Saskatoon, SK S7N 2V3, CanadaThe Saskatchewan Food Industry Development Centre Inc. (Food Centre)is a non-profit organization, providing full service assistance to food processors wanting to add value to their products for domestic and/or international markets. The Food Centre’s expertise include food and process development, interim processing, extrusion technology, skills development, food safety education and training, quality assurance, technology transfer and path-finding. The Centre’s federal processing facility is Saskatchewan’s only commercial incubation centre for food processing.