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Universidad Del Valle De Guatemala

18 Av. 11-95 zona 15 Vista Hermosa III GuatemalaSponsorship of the University The Foundation of the Universidad del Valle de Guatemala is a non-profit organization with legal personality that sponsors the University. Board of Trustees The Foundation of the Universidad del Valle de Guatemala establishes the basic principles governing the development of the University and delegates its execution to the Foundation's Board of Trustees. Board of Directors The administrative and academic organization of the University is under the responsibility of its Board of Directors chaired by the Rector. The Board of Directors is composed of the following members: Rector, Vice-Rector, Secretary, Director of Studies, Executive Secretary of the Guatemala Valley University Foundation and Advisors. Academic Council The Academic Council of the University is an organism composed of the members of the Board of Directors, the Deans, and the Directors of the Departments. Its attributions are closely related to the planning and promotion of teaching and research activities. Academic Structure The University is made up of the University College, the Faculty of Engineering, the Faculty of Sciences and Humanities, the Faculty of Social Sciences, the Faculty of Education and the Research Institute. Each of these units comprises departments, sections and programs.