San Diego 393 CROs

San Diego, CA, USA

1060 Discovery Engineering provides computational modeling, docking, and binding site optimization services on a contractual basis and provides a unique engineering approach for drug discovery.

6450 Lusk Blvd. Suite E102 San Diego, CA 92121 USA

A.G. Scientific produces and supplies various biochemicals including inhibitors, antibodies, amino acids, reagents, and buffers.

7917 OSTROW ST San Diego CA 92111-3604

A/C Diagnostics offers recombinant enzyme based assay development services.

10457, Roselle St. Suite A San Diego, CA-92121, USA

AA ChemBio provides medicinal chemistry and custom synthesis services.

3830 Valley Center Dr. #705 Postal Box 725 San Diego, CA 92130-3307 USA

AB Vector offers baculovirus vector kits, plasmid transfer vectors, and transfection reagents

6779 Mesa Ridge Rd. #100, San Diego, CA 92121 USA

ACEA Biosciences has pioneered the development of high-performance microelectronic systems for cell-based assays.

5820 Oberlin Dr. Suite 104 San Diego, CA 92121 USA

ADS Biosystems provides a wide range of services including molecular biology, primary cell and organ culture, and biochemical and cell-based assay development to support academic research and preclinical drug discovery and development.

9444 Waples Street, Suite 160 San Diego, CA 92121 USA

ARIANNE offers clinical research services including clinical trial management, site management, data management, and consulting services.

1959 Kellogg Ave Carlsbad CA 92008

Aalto Scientific offers serum for diagnostic applications and serum-based products to be used as controls and standards.

7985 Dunbrook Rd, Ste A, San Diego, CA 92126, USA

Abbiotec offers peptide synthesis, polyclonal and monoclonal antibody production services as well as unique products for cell biology research.

405 Maple Street, Suite A106 Ramona, CA 92065 USA

Abcore is a biotech company that provides custom polyclonal antibody services worldwide; and represents small European biotech companies in North America. Antibody services are performed in Southern California at USDA licensed facilities. Headquartered in San Diego, CA, Abcore is at the center of life science discovery and innovation.

9853 Pacific Heights Blvd. Suite D. San Diego, CA 92121 USA

Our areas of focus are in research & development support, high throughput screening services, assay development, as well as small- to large-scale manufacturing.

9765 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, Suite C San Diego, CA 92124 USA

Abgent provides custom peptide synthesis (including long and difficult peptides), custom antibody development and other related services:antibody validation,flow cytomery, idiotypic antibodies, recombinant antibodies.

5963 LA PLACE CT Suite 107 Carlsbad, CA 92008 USA

Abingdon Life Sciences offers technical and operational expertise in all aspects of drug development from strategic assistance with candidate selection through pre-clinical and clinical portfolio development incorporating guidance on the strategy and minimum requirements for new drug applications.

San Diego, CA, USA

Absorption Systems partners with you to overcome ADMET barriers in the development of drugs, biologics, and medical devices.

11494 Sorrento Valley Road, Suite J, San Diego, CA 92121

Abwiz Bio provides recombinant antibody development, humanization, and hybridoma services.

6044 Cornerstone Court West, Suite C San Diego, CA 92121 USA

Accelagen offers comprehensive gene-to-protein services. Protein Expression: Mammailan, Baculovirus, and E. coli expression systems, large scale production using Wave Bioreactor, Cell Factory, and fermentors Protein Purification: Multiple AKTA chromatography systems, gram quantity proteins for crystallography and animal studies

5920 Friars Road, Suite 200 San Diego, CA 92108

Acclovance provides clinical development and research services.

Accelrys, Inc. 10188 Telesis Court, Suite 100 San Diego CA 92121 USA

Accelrys provides software for the integration, mining, analysis, modeling and simulation, management, and interactive reporting of scientific data.

995 Park Center Drive Vista, CA 92081

Access Biologicals offers human-derived proteins.

9212 Mira Este Ct. San Diego, CA 92126 USA

AccuTek Laboratories offers pipette calibration services.

5933 Sea Lion Place, Suite 105 Carlsbad CA 92010

Accugent Laboratories offers formulation studies, small scale process development, technology transfer, medicinal chemistry, and characterization.

ActivX Biosciences, Inc. 11025 North Torrey Pines Road; Suite 120 La Jolla, CA 92037

ActivX is a drug discovery company that also offers kinase and protease profiling services.

1914 Palomar Oaks Way, Suite 150 Carlsbad, CA 92008

Active Motif offers Epigenetic Services including ChIP-Seq, MeDIP-Seq, hMeDIP-Seq and ChIP antibody validation.

4907 Morena Blvd, Ste 1403 San Diego, CA 92117 USA

AddexBio offers services in medicinal chemistry, discovery biology, bioanalytical screening, DMPK, in vitro ADME, and in vivo pharmacology.

6440 Lusk Boulevard Suite D110 San Diego, CA 92121

Advanced Biotekservices provides genomic services including construction of yeast two-hybrid libraries, normalized libraries, SAGE libraries, antibody libraries and lentiviral libraries.

P.O. Box 502403 San Diego, CA 92150-2403 USA

Advanced BioMatrix is a leader in the life science three dimensional (3D) applications for tissue culture, cell assay, and cell proliferation.

6440 Lusk Boulevard, Suite D110 San Diego, California USA

Advanced BiotekServices provides bio-technical services to support researchers and scientists in academia.

3550 General Atomics Court, Building 2, Room 639 San Diego CA 92121 USA

Advanced Cellular Dynamics offers high quality kinase screening or profiling data, and cell-based assay panels.

P.O. Box 437920 San Ysidro CA 92173 usa

Advanced Synthesis offers custom synthesis, preparative chromatography, reagents, and custom manufacturing.

10451 Roselle Street, #300 San Diego, CA 92121 USA

Advanced Targeting Systems offers conjugates, custom services, proteins, antibodies, reagents, and targeted toxins.

3030 Bunker Hill St., Suite 102 San Diego CA 92109 USA

Advantar Laboratories is a cGMP compliant contract laboratory specializing in Analytical Development, Formulation and Clinical Packaging Services for large and small-molecule therapeutics and medical devices.

11099 N Torrey Pines Rd, Suite 290 La Jolla, CA 92037

Afraxis Inc. develops high-content CNS pharmaceutical screening technologies to evaluate pre-clinical therapeutics for the treatment of neurological and psychiatric disorders.

701 Palomar Airport Road Suite 270 Carlsbad, CA 92011

Agility Clinical offers clinical trial services from study design to regulatory submission with expertise in orphan drug development.

9924 Mesa Rim Road San Diego, CA 92121, USA

Allele Biotech provides molecular and cell biology services, including gene cloning, antibody isolation, cell line development, and protein production, particularly in the area of drug target mammalian proteins using baculovirus. Recently, we initiated service for custom adult cell reprogramming and VHH camelid antibody production.

7203 Convoy Court San Diego, CA 92111-1020 USA

Allermed Laboratories provides allergenic extracts for the diagnosis and treatment of allergic disorders.

11040 Roselle Street San Diego California 92121 UNITED STATES

AltheaDx provides genetic testing services and diagnostic products related to oncology applications.

4215 Sorrento Valley Blvd San Diego CA 92121

Ambit offers kinase profiling and assay development services.

9245 Dowdy Drive Suite 103 San Diego CA 92126

American Custom Chemicals Corporation offers custom synthesis, analytical services, formulations, compounds, biologics, and nanomaterials.

1271 Avenida Chelsea Vista, CA 92081 USA

American Peptide Company offers custom peptide synthesis and GMP peptide manufacturing services, including process development, scale-up production, analytical and process validation and stability studies.

San Diego, CA, USA

Amira Pharmaceuticals offers discovery and development of small molecule drugs for inflammation and respiratory diseases.

3030 Bunker Hill Street, Suite 312 San Diego, CA 92109 USA

Viable human tissue testing for safety and efficacy in advance of clinical trials. AnaBios is redefining “First in Human”.

10421 Pacific Center Court Suite 200 San Diego, CA 92121

AnaptysBio is a privately-held company focused on the generation of antibody therapeutics and is the leader in the use of somatic hypermutation (SHM) for antibody discovery and optimization.

11175 Flintkote Ave., Ste. F San Diego, CA 92121

AndroScience Corporation offers their expertise in natural products in the development of therapeutic compounds for the indications of acne, alopecia, wound healing, and cancer.

2658 Del Mar Heights Rd #273 Del Mar, CA 92014 USA

AngioBio supplies antibodies, IHC reagents, proteins, cell matrices, and ELISA kits in addition to offering custom polyclonal and monoclonal antibody services.

5940 Pacific Mesa Court, Suite 209/210 San Diego, CA 92121 USA

Annova Chem offers custom synthesis and medicinal chemistry services in addition to supplying an extensive collection of advanced intermediates and building blocks.

7917 Ostrow St San Diego CA 92111

AntiCancer offers cancer cell assays and fluorescent animal models of cancer.

3030 Bunker Hill Street, Suite 300 San Diego, CA 92109 USA

Antibody Design Labs offers a collection of custom services in the area of phage display and antibody engineering.

1360 Park Center Dr. Vista, CA 92081, USA

Aperio Technologies offers tissue microarrays, image analysis, digital slide scanning services, and spectrum education.

5791 Van Allen Way PO Box 6482 Carlsbad, California 92008

Applied Biosystems provides instrument services, compliance and validation, and a large variety of biology-related products.

11975 El Camino Real, Suite 300 San Diego, CA 92130 USA

Apricus Biosciences focuses on drug development for various therapeutic areas include Sexual Dysfunction, Oncology, Dermatology, Autoimmune, Pain, Anti-Infectives, Diabetes and Consumer Healthcare.

3210 Merryfield Row San Diego CA 92121

Arcturus Therapeutics provides RNAi technology for disease treatment.

3210 Merryfield Row San Diego CA 92121

Arcturus Therapeutics provides RNAi technology for disease treatment.

6431 Kiwi Place Carlsbad CA 92011 USA

Aseptria provides formulation and process development, project management, packaging design, and scale up services.

433 Glencrest, Solana Beach, California, USA

Assay Depot builds and operates Research Exchanges (RXs), like this one, that make it easy for researchers to find and order the research services they need, and for CROs to engage researchers directly.

3545 John Hopkins Court, Suite #250 San Diego CA 92121

Our potential for changing patient lives with new medicines arises from aminoacyl tRNA synthetases (aaRS), an ancient gene family that functions intracellularly in protein synthesis. Our founder, Dr. Paul Schimmel, pioneered this field.

7929 Silverton Ave., Suite 609, San Diego, CA 92126, USA

Aurora Fine Chemicals offers screening, target identification, profiling, and custom synthesis services.

938 S Andreasen Drive # E Escondido, CA 92029-1920, USA

Aurora Medbiochem's main focus is on manufacturing of Signal Transduction product-line, including Enzyme Inhibitors, Detergents, Cocktails, Buffers, Non-Detergent Sulfobetaines, Biotinylation Reagents and Calcium Chelators.

2980 Scott Street Vista, CA 92081

Autogenomics offers microarray analyzers and in vitro diagnostic assays.

9924 Mesa Rim Rd. San Diego, CA 92121 Tel:

Using novel yeast display system, large human antibody database and library for novel human antibody discovery, antibody humanization and optimization.

11099 N. Torrey Pines Road Suite 290 La Jolla, CA 92037

Create a luminous map for the surgeon to advance a new standard-of-care in cancer surgery.

420 South Cedros Solana Beach, CA 92075 USA

Avitacor provides management, marketing, sales and scientific expertise of CRO services to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

11025 Roselle St Suite 100 San Diego CA 92121 USA

Aviva Systems Biology offers transcription services, cell adhesion, cell cycle proteins, neurobiology, and immune agents.

6181 Cornerstone Court East Suite 103 San Diego CA

Axxora provides reagents and supplies for life sciences research, including products for cancer, immunology, epigenetics, and molecular biology.

3626 Ocean Ranch Blvd Oceanside, CA 92056 USA

Azco Biotech supplies laboratory equipment and instruments to support nucleic acid synthesis and detection.

11387 Ocean Ridge Way San Diego, CA 92130

Azco Biotech supplies laboratory equipment and instruments to support nucleic acid synthesis and detection.

University of California San Diego Room 172 The Leichtag Family Foundation Biomedical Research Building 9500 Gilman Drive La Jolla CA 92093-0724 USA

BIOGEM provides genomics services, cDNA microarrays, probe preparation, array hybridization, and data analysis.

6044 Cornerstone Ct. W., Suite E San Diego, CA 92121

BPS offers enzymatic screening and profiling services using its unique selection of recombinant enzymes for drug discovery (HDACs, demethylases, DPPs, cathepsins, PDEs, kinases, HMTs and many more).

6044 Cornerstone Ct. W., Suite E San Diego, CA 92121

BPS offers enzymatic screening and profiling services using its unique selection of recombinant enzymes for drug discovery (HDACs, demethylases, DPPs, cathepsins, PDEs, kinases, HMTs and many more).

6330 Nancy Ridge Dr. Suite #103 San Diego, CA 92121 USA

BQKITS offers a full line of quality diagnostic kits, which include Enzymatic Assays, ELISA Kits, One-Step Rapid Tests and Chemistry Reagents.

San Diego, CA, USA

BioTox Sciences provides drug development, toxicology, pharmacology, and disease models.

8675 Tenth Ave Chula Vista, CA 91911 USA

Beachside Biotechnology Services is a FAKE company that offers biology, chemistry and pharmacokinetic services.

665 San Rodolfo Drive Suite 124, PMB 184 Solana Beach CA 92075 USA

Behavioral Pharma provides anxiolytic models, antipsychotic models, drug abuse liability models, and analgesia models.

6042 Cornerstone Ct., St. E San Diego, CA 92121

BATJ offers molecular and cell biological services including DNA sequencing, gene synthesis, peptide synthesis, gene cloning and subcloning and gene mutagenesis.

8885 Rehco Road San Diego, California 92122 U.S.A.

Bio-Matrix Scientific Group offers stem cell storage.

4903 Morena Blvd, Suite # 1203 San Diego, CA 92117 USA

Bio-Vin Research Laboratories specializes in custom synthesis of complex organic molecules.

11011 Torreyana Road, San Diego, CA 92121 USA

BioAtla provides services for the evolution and optimization of antibodies and other biologics. We optimize expression, humanization, and performance including affinity, half-life, cross-species reactivity, and internalization.

9885 Mesa Rim Road. Suite 101 San Diego, CA 92121. USA

BioBlocks specializes in medicinal chemistry and lead optimization, including fragment-based drug design and fragment-to-lead chemistry, as well as custom synthesis.

3525 Del Mar Heights Rd., #244 San Diego, CA 92130 USA

BioCarta offers antibody, protein expression, gene expression, RNA interference, and oligo synthesis services.

4350 La Jolla Village Drive Suite 450 San Diego CA 92121

BioDuro provides integrated services as well as medicinal chemistry, DMPK, library chemistry, in vivo pharmacology, bioanalytical, and safety assessment services.

11585 Sorrento Valley Rd Suite 101 San Diego CA 92121 USA

BioImaging Solutions offers digital imaging products and imaging solutions.

11080 Roselle Street San Diego, CA 92121 USA

BioLegend provides recombinant protein, immunology product, and custom assay services.

5740 Fleet St Ste 200 • Carlsbad, CA 92008, USA

BioPharma Scientific offers manufacturing of natural and organic products.

3956 Sorrento Valley Blvd, suite 200 San Diego CA

BioPioneer provides gene synthesis, mouse genotyping, cloning, mutagenesis, cell line construction, strain improvement, assay development, protein expression and site-saturation mutagenesis services.

9030 Kenamar Dr., Ste 308 San Diego, CA 92121

BioTechPlex provides access to novel technologies and cell lines for ionic mechanism-dependent drug discovery, validation and safety pharmacology.

11011 Torreyana Road San Diego, CA 92121

BioAlta is about enabling your business - now and in the future.

5810 Nancy Ridge DriveSuite 150 San Diego California 92121 United States of America

Biocept Laboratories specializes in oncology tests and clinical diagnostics, specifically for Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs).

7965 silverton Ave. Suite 1309 San Diego, CA 92126 USA

Bioclone supplies magnetic beads, recombinant proteins, cDNA and DNA products in addition to offering gene synthesis, protein production/purification, and conjugation services.

BioLaurus Inc. POBox 6204 San Diego, CA 92166

Biolaurus offers longitudinal studies, small animals, preclinical animal imaging, microdialysis, cell assays, and a vivarium.

5627 Oberlin Drive Suite 120 San Diego CA 92121 USA

Biomatrica offers purified RNA, DNA, and plasmids.

10637 Roselle Street, Suite C San Diego, CA 92121 USA

Biomiga offers gene synthesis, mutagenesis, subcloning, plasmid production, lentiviral subcloning and packaging, shRNA design and knockdown validation, high titer virus production, stable cell line validation, and next generation sequencing services.

10054 Mesa Ridge Court Ste. 112 San Diego CA 92121

Biomyx offers molecular biological services including vector construction, DNA cloning/subcloning, gene synthesis, gene mutagenesis, DNA purification and library screening.

6201 Progressive Avenue 200C San Diego, CA 92154 USA

Biontex Laboratories supplies transfection reagents, carrier reagents and products which enable mycoplasma-free cell culture.

5340 Eastgate Mall San Diego, CA 92121-2804 USA

Bioserv Corporation is a Contract Manufacturing Organization (CMO) providing state-of-the-art facilities and services for biotechnology, diagnostic, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and medical device companies.

6042 Cornerstone Court West, Suite E, San Diego, CA 92121 USA

Biosettia offers RNAi cloning, lentivirus production, DNA/RNA purification, and cDNA library services.

5939 Darwin Court, Suite 114 Carlsbad, CA 92008

Biosyn manufactures and markets a number of generic pharmacuetical products.

2351 Faraday Ave Carlsbad, CA 92008, USA

Bio, Tech, and Beyond is a community lab where anyone can come to learn about and do science. We provide the basic infrastructure for participants to learn essential skills in molecular biology and to conduct experiments; with access to industry and academic experts for guidance in the expanding field of biotechnology.

5930 Cornerstone Court West Suite 270 San Diego, CA 92121 USA

Blue Sky Broadcast provides clinical site training for several pharmaceutical organizations and CROs.

1947 Camino Vida Roble Suite 215 Carlsbad, California 92008 USA

Brendan Technologies develops advanced and scalable assay analysis software that significantly improves testing accuracy and precision.

10110 Mesa Rim Rd San Diego, CA 92121 USA

CTK Biotech develops, manufactures, and supplies innovative immunodiagnostic kits, antigen, and antibody reagents.

6330 Nancy Ridge Drive Suite 102 San Diego, CA 92121 USA

CalAsia Pharmaceuticals provides its core expertise, which includes, but is not limited to cloning, recombinant protein expression (E. coli, baculovirus & yeast), protein purification, biochemical assays, cellular assays, fragment screening, X-ray crystallography co-crystallization, and structure-based drug design methodology to the drug discovery community through contract research

3550 General Atomics Ct, Building 2, Suite 229 San Diego, CA 92121 USA

CalChem Synthesis is a Contract Research Organization (CRO) providing Chemistry Services to Biotech and Pharmaceutical Companies and Research Institutes.

10461 Austin Drive Spring Valley CA 91978 USA

Calbiotech offers immunoassay testing and assay development services using ELISA, chemiluminescent ELISA, multiplex assays and radioimmunoassay (RIA) methods.

505 Coast Blvd S. Suite 209 La Jolla, CA 92037

CalciMedica is dedicated to the discovery and development of novel small molecule drugs for the treatment of inflammatory and autoimmune disorders and organ transplant rejection.

11575 Sorrento Valley Road Suite 217 San Diego, CA 92121 USA

Califia Bio provides medicinal chemistry expertise, compound design, synthesis, pharmacokinetic optimization and drug discovery services in collaborations with NIH funded academic research groups and small biotech companies.

California State University San Marcos 333 S. Twin Oaks Valley Rd. San Marcos, CA 92096-0001

The W.M. Keck Foundation Center for Molecular Structure (CMoIS) is the first comprehensive X-ray crystallographic facility at a predominately undergraduate institution.

San Diego, CA, USA

CapitalBio offers SNP detection services, comparative genomic hybridization (CGH) services, expression profiling services, ChIP on Chip services and expression array construction services.

5922 Farnsworth Court Suite 102 Carlsbad CA 92008 USA

Carlsbad Technology manufactures, markets and distributes generic pharmaceutical formulations.

San Diego, CA, USA

Carolus Therapeutics, Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company developing new treatments for cardiovascular and inflammatory diseases.

9240 Trade Place Suite 100 San Diego CA 92126 USA

Catalent Pharma Solutions provides gene expression, manufacturing, biopharm product development, biosafety testing, bioassays, and immunogenicity.

6480 Weathers Place, Suite 104 San Diego, CA 92121-3913

Cato Research provides clinical trials, regulatory services, pharmacovigilance, CMC, and quality assurance.

5820 Oberlin Dr. Suite 101 San Diego, CA 92121

Cell Applications, Inc. offers primary cells from humans and animals, Cell RNA, antibodies, ELISA Kits, primary cell transfection kits, recombinant proteins, and custom cell isolation services.

5820 Nancy Ridge Drive, Suite 100 San Diego, CA 92121

Celula offers microfluidic cell sorting for cell selection and purification.

3210 Merryfield Row San Diego CA 92121

Centocor provides monoclonal antibodies and treatment for cancer, chronic kidney disease, and immune-mediated inflammatory disease.

3525 Del Mar Heights Road, Suite #215, San Diego,CA 92130, USA

Charm Biotech offers plasmid purification, gene synthesis, cloning, mutagenesis, and nucleic acid purification services.

11199 Sorrento Valley Rd. Suite 206 San Diego, CA 92121

ChemBridge is an international discovery chemistry CRO that offers small molecule screening libraries, custom library and compound synthesis, discovery chemistry and medicinal chemistry services as well as medincinally relevant building blocks.

4206 Sorrento Valley Blvd., Suite A San Diego, CA 92121 USA

ChemCyte offers nucleoside chemistry, custom synthesis, purification, and characterization services.

6605 Nancy Ridge Dr San Diego CA 92121 USA and Russia

ChemDiv provides integrated services as well as assay development, medicinal chemistry, in vitro ADME, rodent PK, library chemistry, in vivo efficacy, bioanalytical, and safety assessment services.

10919 Technology Place, Suite B San Diego, CA 92127 USA

ChemNavigator offers virtual screening services.

7770 Regents Rd. #113-318 San Diego, CA 92122-1937 USA

ChemoTactics offers the highest quality chemokine protein reagents, including modified chemokines such as biotinylated or mutant antagonist isoforms.

4370 La Jolla Village Drive San Diego, 92122-1249 USA

ClinQua provides regulatory submissions, clinical trial registration, and safety reporting.

7949 Silverton Avenue, Suite 915 San Diego CA 92126 USA

Combi-Blocks offers custom synthesis and chemical compounds.

11760 Sorrento Valley Road, Suite N, San Diego, CA 92121 USA

At Concortis, we interface complex synthetic chemistry with antibody research providing our clients with the latest technologies and comprehensive services to advance ADC projects from discovery to IND

11107 Roselle Street, San Diego, CA 92121 USA

Conju-Probe offers custom services and provides tailor-made solutions for bioconjugation applications.

3790 Via De La Valle, Suite 205 Del Mar, CA 92014 USA

Conkwest focuses on research and development of natural killer cell lines as therapeutic application against cancers.

470 Nautilus Street, Suite 300 La Jolla CA 92037

Cordex Pharma provides preclinical drug discovery, therapeutics, diagnostics, and clinical trials.

2792 Loker Avenue West Suite 101 Carlsbad CA 92010 USA

Cosmo Bio offers assay development, tissue culture, chemicals, glycobiology, instruments, and protein synthesis.

11099 North Torrey Pines Road, Suite 180A La Jolla, CA 92037

Crinetics provides GPCR drug discovery.

5820 Nancy Ridge Drive, Suite 200 San Diego CA 92121

Cylene Pharmaceuticals designs and develops small molecule drugs that directly target the nucleolus and selectively kill cancer cells.

6620 Mesa Ridge Road Suite 100 San Diego CA 92121 USA

Cyntellect offers cell imaging, laser-based cell manipulation, optoinjection devices, microplates, reagents, and cloning services.

7094 Miratech Drive San Diego, CA 92121 USA

Cytelligen focuses on translational medicine and specializes in circulating rare cell including circulating tumor cell (CTC) related clinical application and scientific research. We have been constantly improving and innovating our technologies and providing approximate 300 of high quality circulating rare cell related products which have been clinically validated on over thousands of various cancer patient samples.

10451 Roselle Street, #300 San Diego, CA 92121 USA

Cytometry Research provides flow cytometry services for cell cycle analysis, antibody evaluation, assay development and functional assays.

9030 Kenamar Drive, Ste 308 San Diego, CA 92121-2432 USA

Cytoptics Corporation offers cell based fluorescent microscopy, high throughput screening, and cell culture services.

3020 Callan Road San Diego, CA 92121 United States

At Cytori, we maintain an ongoing commitment to harness the potential of adult Adipose-Derived Regenerative Cells (ADRCs).

10421 Galena Canyon Road San Diego, CA 92127 USA

DNA Link offers microarray, genotyping, SNP discovery, and next generation sequencing services.

3366 N. Torrey Pines Court La Jolla, CA 92037

DNA-SEQ is both a scientific task force and a collaborative technology group. Our purpose is to enable oncologists to provide their patients a choice that heretofore, didn’t exist.

10054 Mesa Ridge Court Suite 114 San Diego, CA 92121 USA

DNAmicroarray supplies protein and DNA/cDNA/miRNA/oligonucleotide arrays and offers genomic, proteomic, and stem cell related services.

555 Saturn Boulevard San Diego, CA 92154

DavosPharma provides custom chemistry synthesis of complex raw materials, regulatory intermediates and APIs, as well as analytical and formulation services.

1020 Prospect Street, Suite 301 La Jolla CA 92037-0068

DermTech provides clinical research in dermatology.

6354 Corte del Abeto, Suite B, Carlsbad, CA USA 92011

DCN Diagnostics provides lateral flow assay development, education and training, diagnostic device development, conjugation, consulting services and high performance reagents, including cellulose nanobeads and high quality colloidal gold.

12889 Gregg Ct. Poway, CA 92064 USA

Diazyme Laboratories uses its platform enzyme technologies including enzyme cycling and Substrate-Trapping-Enzyme (STE) to develop low cost and robust diagnostic products for clinical laboratories.

San Diego, CA 92121, USA

Diverse Diagnostics offers services for pre-clinical testing, environmental monitoring, quality systems, toxicology, pharmacology,clinical trial and clinical manufacturing.

5501 Oberlin Dr San Diego CA 92121

Dow Agro Sciences offers herbicides, insecticides, fumigants, and fungicides.

10849 Corte de Marin San Diego CA 92130 USA

Dx Biosamples is a provider of human biological materials and clinical information of the highest quality standards for biomedical research community encompassing biotech, pharmaceutical, and academic research organizations.

9500 Gilman Drive La Jolla CA 92093-0601 USA

Edward Dennis Group UCSD provides phospholipase services, biological research, and chemistry.

San Diego, CA, USA

Effinity Tech is the developer of an innovative process system engineering technology called Directional Control Technology (DCT) that is transforming process development and optimization in the biosciences and chemical industries. Unlike traditional methodologies, which require a large number of experiments and a significant amount of guesswork, DCT’s systematic approach enables our clients to meet their objectives rapidly within 10 experiments, and bring their products to market faster while achieving the highest levels of quality in a cost effective manner.

3460 Marron Rd #103-475 Oceanside CA 92056 USA

Eidogen-Sertanty offers informatics systems, target based solutions, and ligand based solutions.

7110 Carroll Road San Diego, CA 92121 USA

Epitope Diagnostics develops, manufactures and markets niche ELISA kits and innovative rapid tests.

5820 Oberlin Drive, Suite 100 San Diego CA 92121

Eton Bioscience offers DNA sequencing, DNA purification, primer walking, genomic services, specialty DNA sequencing, mammalian cell expression and direct sequencing.

3347 Industrial Ct, Suite A San Diego CA 92121

Eurogentec provides process development, cGMP manufacturing of proteins and DNA, diagnostic reagents, and clinical synthesis.

6440 Lusk Boulevard Suite D110 San Diego, CA 92121

ExonBio provides hybridoma sequencing, recombinant protein expression, protein purification and protein characterization services.

10366 Roselle Street, Suite C San Diego, CA 92121 USA

Expert Chemical Analysis (ECA) is a full-service analytical testing and consulting laboratory. We are FDA registered and audited and we operate under strict cGMP/GLP guidelines. ECA provides a variety of consulting and testing services to our Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Environmental, and Industrial, Legal/Forensic, and private clients.

11696 Sorrento Valley Rd Suite 100, San Diego, CA 92121 USA

Expertise Engineering is a product design engineering company started in 1995 by a group of engineers from varied backgrounds and has a wide range of expertise in industrial, medical, military, and consumer product design. We have helped numerous companies get their ideas and concepts into production.

3030 Bunker Hill Street, Suite 100 San Diego CA 92109 USA

Explora BioLabs provides preclinical in vivo efficacy models for oncology, wound healing, infectious diseases and diabetes, as well as pharmacokinetic and toxicology services.

4907 Morena Blvd, Ste 1403 San Diego, CA 92117 USA

FIVEphoton Biochemicals supplies kits and reagents in support of R&D discovery, pharmaceutical screening, drug discovery, and pre-clinical assessment/production.

355 W. Grand Ave. Suite 4 Escondido, CA 92025 USA

Fallbrook Engineering is a contract product development, management and engineering services consulting firm.

3535 General Atomics Court Suite 200 San Diego, CA 92121

Uniquely Positioned at the Intersection of Stem Cell Science & Rare Diseases

10929 Technology Place, Suite B San Diego CA 92127-1887

Focus Synthesis offers compound synthesis, custom synthesis, compound screening, and quality control.

11011 Torreyana Rd., Suite 100, San Diego, CA 92121

Formex, a leader in bioavailability enhancement techniques including HME and SDD; manufactures cGMP drug products for uses ranging from clinical trials to commercial distribution. Formex facilities are equipped with cytotoxic and high potent compound containment capabilities. Expert analytical support accompanies our formulation services to deliver comprehensive solutions for your organization.

Nancy Ridge Road San Diego CA 92121

Fqubed provides high throughput experimentation platforms for screening and molecular penetration enhancer formulations.

1155 Camino Del Mar, Ste 506 Del Mar, CA 92014 USA

GMK Bio Services offers toxicokinetics, toxicity testing, in vivo efficacy screening, and protein expression/characterization/purification services.

10210 Genetic Center Drive San Diego, CA 92121 USA

Under inspection and approval of the MHRA and FDA, our pharmaceutical testing and molecular genetic services include: Molecular Genetic Services , GMP Drug Development Support Services and companion diagnostic development

9865 Mesa Rim Road, Suite 207 San Diego, CA 92121 (USA)

GenTarget offers lentivirus servces, including over-expression lentivector cloning and premade lentivirus, optional inducible shRNA lentiviral expression vector and virus, lentivirus production, stable cell line construction. It also provides the best collection of premade expression lentiviruses for bio-markers, common enzymes, re-programming factors, fluorescent protein, human and mouse ORFs.

6777 Nancy Ridge Drive San Diego CA 92121

Genway offers services for protein expression, antibody development, peptide synthesis and the development of ELISA assays.

11095 Flintkote Avenue, Suite A San Diego, CA 92121 USA

Genalyte offers its proprietary Maverick detection system and custom chip spotting to support multiplex protein and nucleic acid testing.

San Diego, CA, USA

GeneGo offers toxicology, analysis of OMICs datasets, genomics, and compound profiling.

169 Saxony Road #109 Encinitas CA 92024

GeneGo offers toxicology, analysis of OMICs datasets, genomics, and compound profiling.

8860 Kenamar Drive # 308 San Diego, CA 92121-2451

Genestitute offers digital cloning and gene synthesis services.

10190 Telesis Court San Diego CA 92121

Genlantis offers protein expression, stable cell line creation, oligonucleotide synthesis, and other molecular biology services.

10675 John Jay Hopkins Drive San Diego, CA 92121 USA

Genomics Institute of the Novartis Research Foundation (GNF) applies integrated state-of-the-art technologies in chemistry, biology, automation, and information sciences to identify new biological processes and disease-relevant mechanisms and develop new therapeutics in a variety of areas, including cancer biology, cardiovascular/metabolism, immunology, respiratory disease, neuroscience and infectious disease.

2110 Rutherford Rd. Carlsbad, CA 92008

Genoptix offers diagnostic services for studying hematology and oncology.

1811 Aston Ave. Carlsbad, CA 92008

Genoptix offers diagnostic services for studying hematology and oncology.

6310 Nancy Ridge Drive, Ste 102 San Diego CA 92121-3209

Genpathway offers ChIP products to study gene mechanisms, biomarker discovery, drug profiling, and target identification.

2734 Loker Avenue West Suite D Carlsbad, CA 92010, USA

GloboZyme provides signal transduction services, enzymes, crystallization services, bioinformatics, and protein recombination.

Granlen 7864 Paseo Tulipero Carlsbad, CA 92009, USA

Granlen offers custom synthesis services for intermediates, scaffolds, building blocks, reference compounds, metabolites, impurities, immunogens, bio-reagents and radiolabeling method development.

2236 Avenida de la Playa La Jolla, CA 92037 USA

GraphPad Software offers solutions to support biostatistics, curve fitting (nonlinear regression) and scientific graphing.

9823 Pacific Heights Blvd.Suite F San Diego CA 92121 USA

HT Laboratories is a mass spectrometry services company offering a breadth of LC/MS/MS services.

San Diego, CA, USA

HTS Resources provides DNA, protein and antibody microarray spotting services.

12531 High Bluff Drive Suite 138 San Diego, CA 92130 USA

HUYA Bioscience International offers a database of lead, preclinical and clinical drug candidates for co-development of their therapeutic novel drugs.

12780 El Camino Real, San Diego, CA 92130, USA

Hamari Chemicals is specialized in the manufacture of APIs and pharmaceutical intermediates, food additives, amino acid derivatives, nutritional ingredients, peptide, cosmetic substances, dietary supplements

10655 Sorrento Valley Road San Diego, CA 92121

Histogen, Inc. is a regenerative medicine company developing innovative therapies based upon the products of cells grown under simulated embryonic conditions.

San Diego, CA USA

IMER (International Medical Education & Research) is a pre-clinical and clinical research provider. We provide biochip based multiplex assays for human cytokines, high sensitive cytokines, cancer molecular biomarkers.

San Diego, CA, USA

Illumina offers next generation sequencing and genotyping services.

11175 Flintkote Avenue, Suite E San Diego CA

IMGENEX Corporation of San Diego, California, specializes in development and commercialization of antibodies, reporter cell lines, recombinant proteins and assay systems to study Innate and Adaptive Immunity and their control by Inflammatory/Immune Signaling pathways.

6330 Nancy Ridge Drive, Suite 106 San Diego CA 92121

InVivoScribe Technologies offers chromosome translocation, gene mutation reagents, pharmaceutical agents and device testing, OEM reagents, and assays.

San Diego, CA 92128

Incedis Therapeutics offers medicinal chemistry, custom synthesis, ADME, and PK services.

15476 Mesquite Tree Trail Poway California 92064 USA

Instat provides statistical analysis and statistical programming services.

6868 Nancy Ridge Dr San Diego CA 92121 USA

IDT offers custom nucleic acid synthesis, including DNA oligos, genes or gene fragments and RNA oligos.

5755 Oberlin Dr. #224 San Diego, CA 92121 USA

Integrated Proteomics Applications provides a comprehensive proteomic data analysis solution, the Integrated Proteomics Pipeline (IP2). Our company believes that proteomics data analysis should be an easy, streamlined process. As a result universities, research hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and biological research institutes around the world have been using the IP2 for studying complex biological systems and drug discovery.

5950 Priestly Drive Carlsbad, CA 92008

International Stem Cell Corporation (ISCO) is a publicly traded biotechnology company which developed a powerful new stem cell technology called parthenogenesis.

9980 Huennekens Street, Suite 140 San Diego CA 92121 USA

Invetech provides product development, instrument development, custom automation, and contract manufacturing.

3950 Sorrento Valley Blvd, Suite A San Diego CA 92121

InvivoGen provides TLR ligand screening, cloning, promoter synthesis, gene synthesis, and siRNA synthesis.

8810 Rehco Road Suite F San Diego, CA 92121 USA

IriSys provides formulation development; LC/MS/MS and HPLC analytical method development and validation; excipient compatibility; GMP manufacturing of all dosage forms.

505 Coast Boulevard South Suite 411 La Jolla, CA 92037 USA

JadeBio offers mass spectrometry-based protein analysis services including protein identification, characterization, and proteome wide profiling.

3950 Sorrento Valley Blvd., Suite 400

Jaden BioSciences specializes in developing and commercializing novel ultrasensitive in vitro research diagnostic assays and offers in vivo toxicity studies in mouse models.

12655 Danielson Ct Ste 308. Poway, CA USA 92064-6862

Kinder Scientific supplies behavior system cores to aid in performing experiments.

6042 Cornerstone Ct. W. Suite E

LD Biopharma offers and manufactures human recombinant transcription factor proteins for the application of cell differentiation regulation, generation of iPS cells, and drug delivery

9823 Pacific Heights Blvd., Suite F San Diego, CA 92121 USA

LT PharmaTech offers custom synthesis, building blocks, focused small library synthesis, lead optimization and other medicinal chemistry services such as target molecule design.

2401 University Avenue

LabCorp provides pharmacology, pathology, and a variety of services to assist in diagnosing genetic conditions, cancers, and other rare diseases.

13112 Evening Creek Drive South San Diego CA 92128

LabCorp provides pharmacology, pathology, and a variety of services to assist in diagnosing genetic conditions, cancers, and other rare diseases.

6364 Ferris Square San Diego CA 92121 USA

Latitude Pharmaceuticals provides drug candidate evaluation, formulation, method development, and patent drafting.

9472 Maler Road San Diego CA 92129 USA

LeadCAD provides structure based drug design, protein modeling, fragment docking, library design, chemgenomics, and quantum mechanical simulation.

11119 North Torrey Pines Road Suite 200 La Jolla, CA 92037

Ligand is a biotech company which offers drug discovery and development.

4204 Sorrento Valley Blvd., Suite G

MDS-USA provides comprehensive cellular and molecular biology, toxicology, microbiology, sterility assurance, animal health monitoring, and biocompatibility services to industry and academic research institutions

2746 Loker Avenue West

MO BIO Laboratories provides custom extraction and isolation technology services.

1425 Russ Blvd - T107D San Diego, CA 92101

Our customers told us they wanted better clarity when ordering custom proteins. In response, we focused on the key aspects of our processes and identified the critical paths and data necessary to produce custom proteins.

4050 Sorrento Valley Blvd. Suite J San Diego CA 92121

MabPrex provides monoclonal antibody optimization, therapeutic protein production, and downstream process development.

9250 Trade Place

Magellan Laboratories offers stability testing, bioanalysis, microbiology, and compendial analysis services.

San Diego, Ca

Dr Maria Thompson works with a number of companies assisting with scientific affairs, business development, marketing, writing protocols, application notes, grants, patent filing and drafting commissioned white papers and publications for peer-reviewed journals.

10451 Roselle St, Suite 200 San Diego CA 92121

MedinCell, with its proprietary polymer technology for delivery system (MedinGel), partners to develop long-acting formulations.

9255 Towne Centre Drive, Suite 450 San Diego, CA 92122

Medistem, Inc., is focused on the development of the Endometrial Regenerative Cell (ERC), a universal donor adult stem cell product.

7985 Dunbrook Rd., Ste A, San Diego, CA 92126, USA

Medit provides CRO consulting, hit discovery, protein vaccine design, and drug design.

9050 Camino Santa Fe San Diego CA 92121

GLP-compliant CRO providing bioanalytical, immunoassay, drug metabolism, and pharmacokinetic analysis services. Since 1998, MicroConstants has helped advance drug development programs for pharmaceutical/biotech companies worldwide.

6370 Nancy Ridge Drive, Suite 112 San Diego CA 92121 USA

Microislet provides cell transplants, cryopreservation, culturing, and immuno-protection of islet cells.

1905 Diamond St San Marcos CA 92078-5185 USA

Mikron Instruments offers histology, microscopy, imaging solutions, instruments, and lab equipment.

16981 Via Tazon San Diego, CA 92127 USA

Millennium Laboratories offers medication monitoring and drug detection services.

11199 Sorrento Valley Road, S209

MolSoft provides software for structure prediction, structural proteomics, bioinformatics, cheminformatics, molecular visualization and animation, and rational drug design.

10865 Road to the Cure, San Diego, CA 92121 USA

Molecular Response is an oncology-focused CRO, with a viable primary tumor bank of more than 140,000 clinical biopsies, spanning 76 diagnoses. Tumors are employed to create Patient-Derived Xenograft (PDX) models, 3D cell culture for ex-vivo pharmacology studies, and genomic surveys for target prevalence.

9863 Pacific Heights Blvd., St. G San Diego, CA 92121 USA

Motivatrx offers preformulation, formulation, and method development/validation services.

958 Sea Wind Court, Carlsbad, CA 92011

Mouse Genotyping provides mouse genotyping, DNA extraction, and PCR amplification services.

14100 Danielson Street, Bldg 100

NEXUS Biosystems provides sample management, storage, combinatorial chemistry, and protein crystallography.

PO Box 1028 Cardiff, CA 92007 USA

NI Research provides information and analysis of therapeutics for psychiatric and neurological disorders.

1714 Ord Way

NOVA Biologics offers diagnostic serums and plasma, disease state and patient sample materials as well as human and animal based products for diagnostic usage and for further manufacture of therapeutic products.

6640 Lusk Blvd. Suite A 200 San Diego CA

Nacalai provides research supplies and HPLC columns.

4878 Ronson Court Suite K San Diego, CA 92111 USA

NanoComposix specializes in nanotechnology and offers custom and bulk synthesis of nanomaterials in addition to asisting in the fabrication, processing, functionalization, integration, and characterization of solution based and aerosolized nanomaterials.

10835 Road to the Cure Ste 150 San Diego, CA 92121

9500 Gilman Drive La Jolla, CA 92093-0608, USA

The National Center for Microscopy and Imaging Research (NCMIR) is located on the University of California, San Diego campus. The mission of NCMIR is to develop technologies to bridge understanding of biological systems between the gross anatomical and molecular scales and to make these technologies broadly available to biomedical researchers. NCMIR provides expertise, infrastructure, technological development, and an environment in which new information about the 3D ultrastructure of tissues, cells, and macromolecular complexes may be accurately and easily obtained and analyzed.

11099 North Torrey Pines Suite 110 La Jolla, CA 92037 USA

NeurAccel Biosciences provides in vitro and in vivo optical imaging services based on two-photon microscopy. We offer a unique range of cutting-edge target engagement assays for neurological and psychiatric diseases such as AD, depression, schizophrenia, MS and pain/migraine to test the efficacy and pharmacokinetics of compounds in live animals.

12780 El Camino Real San Diego, CA 92130

Neurocrine Biosciences, Inc of San Diego is a product based biopharmaceutical company focusing on the development and commercialization of innovative pharmaceutical products to treat unmet medical needs.

P.O. BOX 910640 San Diego CA 92191

Neurodigitech provides neurohistology, biomarkers, immunohistochemistry, nonradioactive hybridization, and morphometric analysis.

2730 Loker Avenue W. Carlsbad, CA 92010 USA

Noven Pharmaceuticals is engaged in the research, development, manufacture, marketing and sale of prescription pharmaceutical products.

11526 Sorrento Valley Road, Suite B-2 San Diego CA 92121

NuMega Resonance Labs offers small molecules, macromolecules, and NMR analysis.

2780 La Mirada Drive Suite B Vista, CA 92081

OYC Americas is a provider of high-quality raw materials derived from yeast fermentation technology.

473 W. 12th Ave.

Ohio State University Dorothy M. Davis Heart and Lung Research Institute focuses on cardiovascular research and offers microscopy, flow cytometry, RT-PCR, and animal imaging services.

6150 Lusk Blvd., Suite B100 San Diego, CA 92121

To leverage the knowledge, understanding, and expertise of the IC foundry industry to provide researchers in the scientific and medical fields with the highest-quality microarray products and services at affordable price so that they may be their most successful in their gene expression work.

6450 Lusk Blvd #E103 San Diego, CA 92121 USA

One World Lab is a platform that hosts manufacturers of antibodies and provides all their manufactured antibodies in a trial size for researchers to test and compare side-by-side to determine the best choice for their experimental model while at the same time allowing for the antibodies to be reviewed creating a feedback loop to the manufacturers.

3525 Del Mar Heights Rd., #244

Orbigen, a brand name of BioCarta LLC, offers gene expression, custom antibody production, and PCR services.

San Diego, CA, USA

Organovo offers three-dimensional bioprinting technology to design and create functional human tissues.

11494 Sorrento Valley Road, Suite ESan Diego, CA 92121

Translational research on novel drug targets leading to first-in-class industry partnerships.

P.O. Box 927523 San Diego CA 92122 USA

Osteolab provides embedding, sectioning, immunohistochemistry, histology, compound identification, imaging services, and biomaterial testing.

6275 Nancy Ridge Drive, Suite 100 San Diego, CA 92121

Otonomy is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company developing novel drug therapies for disorders of the inner and middle ear.

8899 University Center Lane, Suite 400

PRA International is a global clinical research organization, conducting clinical trials in 65 countries across six continents.

1672 Main St. Ste. E #171 Ramona CA 92065 USA

Pacific Immunology provides a wide range of antibody services, immunochemistry, peptide synthesis, and adjuvants.

9292 Chesapeake Dr. Suite 100

Pacific Pathology offers routine tissue processing, immunohistochemistry staining, special staining, sectioning, and tissue processing services.

3550 General Atomics Court #9-202 San Diego CA 92121

Pacific World Discovery provides services in process and medicinal chemistry, custom synthesis, and consulting.

8810 Rehco Road, Suite E, San Diego, CA 92121

We are a contract manufacturing organization providing services for preclinical through Phase 1 and 2 clinical trials. We specialize in single-use technology. Our services include preclinical development, IND enabling activities such as toxicology material generation, stability studies, etc., Master and Working Cell Bank generation and storage, GMP manufacturing (production and purification) as well as Drug Substance and Drug Product Fill/Finish.

Human Anatomy & Cell Biology, The Sherrington Building Ashton Street Liverpool, L69 3GE United Kingdom

PalindromX Limited (PdX) specialises in developing state-of-the-art in vitro diagnostic (IVD) technologies.

9191 Towne Centre Dr, Suite 575

Panlabs Biologics offers microbial strain mutation, selection, biotransformation, and fermentation services.

P.O. Box 81946 San Diego, CA 92138

In September 2011 upon the acquisition of Bristol -Myers Squibb Inc of Amira Pharmaceuticals Inc, a number of proprietary assets were spun out into a new company, Panmira Pharmaceuticals, LLC.. These assets were developed for a number of inflammatory diseases.

9920 Pacific Heights Blvd.

Parexel provides dose escalation, drug-drug interaction, biomarkers, first-in-man studies, ADME, imaging, and clinical research services.

PO Box 92029

Parexel provides dose escalation, drug-drug interaction, biomarkers, first-in-man studies, ADME, imaging, and clinical research services.

7901 Vickers St San Diego CA 92111 USA

Perry Scientific offers animal studies, tissue culture, antibody production, medical device testing, and vivarium services.

10790 Roselle St.

6868 Nancy Ridge Drive

Phage Biotechnology offers filling, process development, cGMP manufacturing, and phage particles.

6150 Lusk Blvd, Suite B100 San Diego, CA 92121

Phalanx Biotech Group provides gene and microRNA expression profiling products and services to academic, pharmaceutical and biotechnology researchers.

6150 Lusk Blvd, Suite B100 San Diego, CA 92121

Phalanx Biotech Group provides gene and microRNA expression profiling products and services to academic, pharmaceutical and biotechnology researchers.

9330 Scranton Road, Suite 200 San Diego, CA 92121-1752 United States

PPD offers bioanalytical services, biomarker discovery services, assay development services, cGMP analytical services, CMC consulting, pharmacology services and safety assessment services.

7330 Carroll Road, Suite 200, San Diego, CA 92121

Pharmatek offers compound selection, analytical development, preformulation testing, formulation development, GMP manufacturing, ICH stability storage and testing, and cytotoxic manufacturing services.

6195 Cornerstone Court, San Diego CA 92121 USA

PhenoVista Biosciences' analytical capabilities include several best of brand automated fluorescence microscopes and high content screening (HCS) instruments coupled with proprietary analysis and visualization software developed in-house and with our technology partners.

6790 Top Gun St. Suite 1 San Diego, CA 92121 USA

Phoenix Flow Systems supplies flow and image cytometry reagents and software.

5520 Nobel Drive, Suite 100

Platypus Technologies offers liquid crystals, cell based assays, and gold coated substrates.

9921 Carmel Mountain Rd #193 San Diego, CA 92129-2813 USA

PrimCells, your primary cells solution, is a leading company specialized in isolating primary cells from a broad range of tissues/species, developing innovative molecular tools and providing recombinant proteins.

3443 Tripp Court, CA 92121 USA

PrimaPharm offers contract manufacturer of drugs, devices, cosmetics and diagnostics products.

12170 Flint Place Poway CA 92064

ProSci offers polyclonal and monoclonal antibody development, peptide synthesis, protein conjugation, western blot, immunohistochemistry and rodent PK services.

855 3rd Avenue Suite 4400 Chula Vista, CA 91911 USA

Profil Institute for Clinical Research specializes in early phase clinical research for diabetes and obesity.

505 Coast Blvd. South, Suite 103

Prognosys Biosciences provides sequencing services.

3550 General Atomics Court, Suite 557 San Diego, CA 92121 USA

Promosome provides a technical platform that enhances protein synthesis for biotherapeutics.

1672 Main St. Ste. E #264 Ramona CA 92065 USA

Protein Biotechnologies provides microarrays, clinical tissue lysates, reagents, genetic services, protein manufacturing, and antibody production.

12688 Torrey Bluff Dr. Suite 202 San Diego CA 92130 USA

ProteinLabs offers purification, feasibility studies, biomarker validation, and elution studies of drugs.

1804 Garnet Ave #383 San Diego CA 92109-3352

ProteinLinks provides yeast two-hybrid screening and custom protein-protein disruption services.

9853 Pacific Heights Blvd. Suite D. San Diego, CA 92121 USA

ProteinLounge is a leader in the field of system biology. We have developed many interactive web-based databases and software to help the life-scientists understand the complexity of systems biology.

4178 Sorrento Valley Blvd., Suite i

ProteinX Lab offers biacore analysis, pegylation analysis, protein purification, antigen and antibody purification/modification, and virus particle production services.

5900 Sea Lion Place, Suite 130 Carlsbad CA 92008

Puracyp offers services for nuclear receptor activation, drug-drug interaction analysis, CAR activation, PXR activation, AhR activation, species differences

10919 Technology Place Suite C San Diego CA 92127 USA

QED Bioscience offers hydridoma development, DNA to antibody genetic immunization services, polyclonal antibody production, immunochemistry services, cell culture services and small animal research services.

11956 Bernardo Plaza Drive San Diego, CA 92128

Quadrants Scientific offers regulatory consulting, analytical services, biological testing, process validation, and water testing.

10840 Thornmint Road, Suite 110 San Diego, CA 92127

Quadrants Scientific offers regulatory consulting, analytical services, biological testing, process validation, and water testing.

5519 Clairemont Mesa Blvd. #290 San Diego, CA 92117 USA

Quality Compliance Partners offers quality auditing, regulatory affairs, GXP training, and validation services.

10165 McKellar Court San Diego, CA 92121 USA

Quidel is a leading manufacturer of diagnostic healthcare solutions serving to enhance the health and well being of people around the globe with well known and respected products that provide healthcare professionals with accurate and cost-effective diagnostic information at the point of care (POC).

10201 Wateridge Circle

Quintiles offers clinical trial services in addition to lab services for hematology, urinalysis, flow cytometry, genotyping and biomarker identification.

8013 Los Sabalos St.,

RR labs offers custom synthesis services and contract manufacturing.

10790 Roselle Street

Reagent Proteins is the leading supplier of reagent, pre-clinical and cGMP grade proteins to the biopharmaceutical and vaccine development community

1042 N. El Camino Real, B-314 Encinitas CA 92024 USA

Rebexsess Discovery Chemistry provides structure based drug design, computational chemistry, and small molecule drug discovery.

260 Via Del Norte Oceanside CA 92058 USA

Recombigene develops and manufactures research tools for genomic engineering and synthetic biology.

9855 Towne Centre Drive Suite 200 San Diego CA 92121 USA

RegeneMed provides human tissue, bone marrow, stem cells, tissue testing, and drug testing.

6370 Nancy Ridge Drive Suite 112, San Diego, CA 92121

RetroVirox provides in vitro antiviral assays and screening services to evaluate the antiviral activity of compounds and biologics and to address their mechanism of action

6645 Nancy Ridge Dr San Diego CA

Retrogen offers DNA sequencing, gene synthesis, siRNA construction, SNP discovery, oligonucleotide synthesis and gene mutagenesis services.

6195 ​Cornerstone Court Suite 110 San Diego, CA 92121 USA

Reveal Biosciences is a CRO specializing in Advanced Tissue Technologies including: Immunohistochemistry (IHC), In situ hybridization (ISH), TUNEL assay, Immunoflorescence, Digital pathology, Histology, Histochemical stains, Morphometry

2325 Camino Vida Roble

RiboMed Biotechnologies offers methylation detection and assay development services as well as nucleotide analogs for purchase.

5999 Avenida Encinas, Suite 150

Rigaku offers x-ray crystallography, x-ray diffraction, x-ray spectrometry, semiconductor metrology, automation, and cryogenics.

5162 Mertensia Street

Rochem provides chemicals, pharmaceutical products, regulatory services, and internal compliance.

1890 Rutherford Rd., Ste. 200 Carlsbad CA 92008 USA

SAFC Pharma provides custom synthesis, sourcing, solid state chemistry, and industrial cGMP services.

6211 El Camino Real, Carlsbad, CA 92009

SAFC Pharma provides custom synthesis, sourcing, solid state chemistry, and industrial cGMP services.

11099 North Torrey Pines Rd. Suite 150 La Jolla, CA 92037 USA

SGI-DNA, a wholly owned subsidiary of Synthetic Genomics, provides a variety of synthetic DNA services to select business customers with demands for large or complex DNA constructs, including combinatorial libraries.

9988 Hibert Street

With >67 years' experience, SRI leverages its research, discovery, and drug development capabilities to advance clients' drugs and biologics from "Idea to IND and Beyond"™.

11652 Compass Point Dr. North, # 131

Safety Pharmacology Consulting provides consulting for safety pharmacology, general toxicology, compound assessment, and exploratory toxicology.

10010 North Torrey Pines Rd

Salk Institute Viral Vector Core provide expert consultation for the safe and effective use of viral vector technologies, and offer custom design and production services for multiple viral vector types.

SDSU Microchemical Core Facility CSL 326 MC 1030 5500 Campanile Drive San Diego, CA 92182-1030

The CSUPERB Microchemical Core Facility DNA Lab is located on the campus of San Diego State University and performs automated fluorescent sequencing services for student and faculty research at San Diego State University and other California State University campuses.

San Diego State University North Life Sciences 325 5500 Campanile Drive San Diego, CA 92182

The staff of the core facility has a wealth of knowledge utilizing different flow cytometry approaches to investigate various biological questions.

10901 North Torrey Pines Road La Jolla, CA 92037

10901 North Torrey Pines Road

Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute focuses on research in therapeutics for cancer, neurodegenerative diseases, infectious diseases, inflammatory diseases, diabetes, and childhood diseases while providing its core facilities and expertise to accelerate scientific discovery.

10901 North Torrey Pines Road La Jolla, CA 92037

The facility provides access to high-speed cell sorting and analytical flow cytometry.

10901 North Torrey Pines Road La Jolla, CA 92037 USA

Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute Animal Facility (La Jolla) provides housing for specific pathogen free (SPF) rodents, frogs and Zebrafish. Trained animal care technicians provide expertise in animal husbandry, transgenic and knockout mouse breeding colony maintenance and assistance with routine technical procedures.

10901 North Torrey Pines Road La Jolla, CA 9203

The protein production and analysis core facility offers protein expression services based on three recombinant platforms consisting of mammalian, microbial and insect based systems. In each case a small scale test expression, expression optimization, and large scale expression package can be provided. The primary expression systems used are E.Coli, suspension based CHO or HEK293, and Sf9 insect cells.

10929 Technology Place, Suite B San Diego CA 92127

Sapient Discovery offers computational, structural chemistry and virtual screening services.

6990 Carroll Road, Suite A San Diego, CA 92121 USA

Saryna Technologies is a CRO specializing in flow cytometry-based screening services.

9336 Abraham Way Santee, CA 92071 USA

Scantibodies Laboratory supplies antibodies and reagents in addition to offering custom contract manufacturing of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies.

8910 University Center Lane

Schrodinger provides modeling, visualization, simulation, software and technology services.

6076 Corte Del Cedro Carlsbad CA 92011 USA

ScienCell Research Labs offers reagents for cell based assays, cultures and transfections as well as cell isolation, toxicological assay, microarray, PCR, and blotting services.

10550 North Torrey Pines Road Mailcode: BCC-007 La Jolla CA 92037 USA

Scripps Center for Mass Spectrometry provides proteomics and metabolomics services.

6838 Flander Dr. San Diego CA 92121 USA

Scripps Laboratories offers a wide range of Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) assay components, including several purity grades of PSA and complexed PSA, and PSA antibodies.

The Scripps Research Institute 10550 North Torrey Pines Road, DNC-118 La Jolla, CA 92037

The Chun Lab’s research was born from a longstanding interest in understanding how the brain, particularly the cerebral cortex, develops.

Chun Lab, DNC-118 3215 Merryfield Row San Diego, CA 92121

The Chun Lab’s research was born from a longstanding interest in understanding how the brain, particularly the cerebral cortex, develops.

3252 Holiday Ct. # 115 La Jolla, California 92037 USA

Seashell Technology is a privately held San Diego-based nanotechnology company. Seashell Technology has developed plasmon resonant particles for use as optically observable biological labels.

3595 John Hopkins Court San Diego CA 92121-1331 USA

Sequenom sells genetic analysis products that can be used for DNA methylation analysis, SNP genotyping, gene expression analysis, rare mutation profiling, methylation analysis and quantitative gene expression.

9833 Pacific Heights Blvd, Suite D San Diego CA 92121 USA

Sheatech offers recombinant baculoviruses for target genes, baculovirus amplification, protein expression, and purification.

11055 Flintkote Avenue, Suite G San Diego, CA 92121 USA

Sherpa Clinical Packaging specializes in management of clinical trial materials and offers contract packaging services.

9853 Pacific Heights Blvd. Suite H

SoluLink provides custom conjugations to antibodies, peptides, alkaline phosphatase (AP), horseradish peroxidase (HRP) solid surface and beads.

6042 Cornerstone Ct. West, Suite B San Diego, CA 92121 USA

Sorrento Therapeutics is an oncology company that is involved in the development of small molecules, mono- and bi-specific antibodies and antibody drug conjugates for treatment of cancer and associated pain.

11099 North Torrey Pines Road, Suite 290 La Jolla, CA 92037

Sova Pharmaceuticals Inc. is a privately-held biopharmaceutical company founded in 2010.

10575 Roselle St San Diego CA 92121 USA

Stemgent works alongside leading stem cell scientists in developing innovative technology and application solutions that provide researchers the tools to investigate and understand cellular reprogramming.

6650 Lusk Blvd. Ste. B108 San Diego CA 92121 USA

Structure Based Design offers drug design, crystallography, structure determination, screening, and drug discovery.

12341 Goldfish Court

Sundia offers custom organic synthesis, medicinal chemistry, process chemistry, API manufacturing, bioassay, and in vitro and in vivo PK services.

9925 Businesspark Ave., Suite B San Diego, CA 92131

Sunrise Science Products manufactures growth media for yeast and other organisms with complex nutritional requirements.

8910 University Center Ln., Suite 580

Synchrogenix provides medical and scientific communications.

6048 Cornerstone Court West, Suite B

SynoGene offers recombinant antibody and protein production and purification services in addition to DNA synthesis.

5759 Fleet Street, Suite 100, Carlsbad, CA, 92008

SynteractHCR offers clinical research services including project management, clinical operations, data management, medical writing, site management, biostatistics, training, IVRS/IWRS services and medical and regulatory affairs.

9863 Pacific Heights Blvd, Suite F San Diego, CA 92121

Synthetic Biomolecules provides custom peptide synthesis and purification services.

San Deigo, CA, USA

Chemistry consultant

13112 Evening Creek Dr S

Tandem Labs offers advanced mass spectrometry analysis, immunoanalytical testing services and pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic studies.

3960 W. Point Loma Blvd. Suite H - PMB 198 San Diego CA 92110 USA

Targa Therapeutics offers therapeutic payloading, pre-clinical studies and clinical development planning.

9924 Mesa Rim Rd Ste A San Diego, CA 92121 USA

Tenova Pharmaceuticals offers quality products and services for biomedical research and applications, Current products include bioimaging reagents such as fluorescent labeling reagents and fluorescent probes.

665 San Rodolfo Drive #124 / 203

The Consultants Forum consists of a diverse group of consultants that support the life science arena.

10550 North Torrey Pines Road La Jolla CA 92037 USA

The TSRI core facilities offer mass spectrometry, next generation sequencing, aptamer production, peptide synthesis, protein sequencing, genotyping, gene expression analysis, flow cytometry, histology and x-ray crystallography services.

9025 Balboa Ave, Suite 100 San Diego, CA 92131 USA

Therapeutics, Inc., The Dermatology CRO, designs and manages phase 1-4 studies of all sizes/scopes, in all dosage forms in dermatology. Services provided: strategy, non-clinical and CMC support, clinical design & implementation, program management, data management, biostatistics, quality, regulatory, medical writing.

1121 South Cleveland Street, Oceanside, California 92054

Thomson Instrument Company provides products and equipment for cell culture, flash chromatographyc, and the life sciences.

6330 Nancy Ridge Drive Suite 102 San Diego, CA 92121 USA

Tioga Research focuses on early stage topical formulation development and offers its proprietary high throughput experimentation platforms to conduct formulation and permeability studies.

10480 Wateridge Circle

Traversa Therapeutics provides RNAi delivery technology services.

505 Coast Blvd South La Jolla CA 92037-4613 USA

Traversa Therapeutics provides RNAi delivery technology services.

902 Sycamore Ave. #120

Tri-City PETCT at Vista offers imaging services.

11010 Roselle St Suite G

Triage Pharmaceuticals provides compound profiling and HTS services.

9955 Mesa Rim Road San Diego CA 92121 USA

We specialize in the manufacture of modified nucleic acid products including custom oligonucleotides, modified nucleoside triphosphates, CleanAmp™ PCR Products, phosphoramidites and other small molecules.

6310 Nancy Ridge Drive Suite 101 San Diego, CA 92121 USA

Trius Therapeutics focuses on discovery, development, and commercialization of antibiotics and specializes in structure based drug design and has developed antisense technology to identify bacterial drug targets.

San Diego, CA, USA

At Tybema BioSolutions we strive to provide value and bring efficiency to your drug discovery projects. Our Principal Consultant, Dr. Steve Rodems, has over 15 years of experience in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. We have expertise in biology, designing and implementing novel assay technologies, high-throughput screening, and pre-clinical drug discovery.

9500 GILMAN DRIVE, MAIL CODE 0706, 92093-0009

OCGA is responsible for the stewardship of sponsored research and research collaborations from government (federal and state), for-profit industry, non-profit, foreign, and University of California sponsors.

9500 Gilman Drive San Diego CA 92093 USA

UCSD Anestheoiology Research Lab provides assays of analgesic pharmacology, nerve ischemia, and CNS transmitter activity.

200 W. Arbor Drive #8420

UCSD Division of Dermatology focuses on research with the use of animal research models and molecular analysis

200 W. Arbor Drive, Mail Code 8895 La Jolla, CA, USA

University of California, San Diego Division of Otolaryngology focuses on research.

9500 Gilman Drive San Diego CA 92093 USA

UCSD Divison of Biological Sciences Protein Seqeuncing Facility provides protein and peptide sequencing services.

3855 Health Sciences Drive

UCSD Moores Cancer Center focuses on research in therapeutic areas for cancer.

La Jolla, CA USA

UCSD Moores Cancer Center Biorepository Resource supplies plasma, serum, RNA stabilized buffy coat, urine, viable tumor samples, and formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tumor; all with associated clinical information.

La Jolla, CA USA

UCSD Moores Cancer Center Biostatistics/Bioinformatics Resource

3855 Health Sciences Drive, MC 0803 La Jolla, CA 92093-0803 USA

UCSD Moores Cancer Center Flow Cytometry Resource offers cell sorting and fluorescence analysis services.

La Jolla, CA USA

UCSD Moores Cancer Center Histology and Immunohistochemistry Resource specializes in histologic phenotypic analysis of tissues from genetically altered mice.

La Jolla, CA USA

UCSD Moores Cancer Center In Vivo Imaging Shared Resource provides optical, CT, ultrasound, high-resolution planar gamma imaging, and PET of mice and rats, as well as high-resolution digital autoradiography and fluorescent imaging of thin whole body rodent sections.

3855 Health Sciences Drive, Room 5317 (5th floor) La Jolla, CA 92093-0658 USA

UCSD Moores Cancer Center Laser Capture Microdissection Shared Resource offers consultation and training regarding experiments and usage of laser capture microdissection technologies.

La Jolla, CA USA

UCSD Moores Cancer Center Medicinal Chemistry Shared Resource offers organic synthesis and library design for virtual screening and SAR profiling.

La Jolla, CA USA

UCSD Moores Cancer Center Microarray Shared Resource provides expression profiling of specimens for mRNA or microRNA; ChIP-on-chip assays of promotor function; directed or global SNP determination; DNA resequencing assays; and microarray-based proteomic assays.

La Jolla, CA USA

The Microscopy Shared Resource provides a group of specialized techniques and rare equipment to examine cellular functions of candidate genes.

La Jolla, CA USA

UCSD Moores Cancer Center Nutrition Shared Resource offers expertise in HPLC and enzymatic methodologies in application of nutrition studies.

La Jolla, CA USA

UCSD Moores Cancer Center Radiation Medicine Resource offers irradiation services for cells, cell lines, and small animals.

La Jolla, CA USA

UCSD Moores Cancer Center Transgenic Core and Embryonic Stem Cell Resource

9500 Gilman Drive

UCSD Mouse Phenotyping Services offers histology services.

5940 Pacific Mesa Court, Ste 209, San Diego, CA 92121

Saving Lives Through Testing

1300 University Avenue

University of Wisconsin Institute on Aging focuses on aging and age related disorders.

1300 University Avenue

University of Wisconsin Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences Vision Research Core offers gene delivery, quantitative molecular biology, pathology, imaging, animal models, and eye organ culture services.

9823 Pacific Heights Boulevard, Suite T

V&P Scientific provides instrumentation, equipment and technology services.

6370 Nancy Ridge Drive #106 San Diego, CA 92121 USA

Vala Sciences offers a large portfolio of image-based high content screening (HCS) services, including assays in adipogenesis & lipolysis, cell-cell interactions & signaling, cardiotoxicology, & cardiotox screening, wound healing and cell migration, epithelial toxicity, control and reference compounds

9853 Pacific Heights Blvd, Suite L San Diego CA 92121 USA

Valuegene offers DNA oligonucletide synthesis services.

2715 Loker Avenue West

Verdezyne synthesizes gene libraries for engineering proteins, metabolic pathways and microorganisms that are used in fermentation processes and biofuel generation.

7220 Avenida Encinas, Ste. 208 Carlsbad, CA 92009

Verum offers clinical research services including trial management, project management, investigator selection, and safety surveillance.

3350 La Jolla Village Dr. (151A)

Veterans Medical Research Foundation offers research services including flow cytometry, genomics, molecular biology, mass spectrometry, and virology.

3550 General Atomics Court San Diego, CA 92121

ViaCyte, Inc., a leader in the emerging field of regenerative medicine, is a private, venture-capital backed company headquartered in San Diego, California focused on profoundly improving the way patients with diabetes are treated.

10390 Pacific Center Court San Diego, CA 92121-4340 U.S.A.

Vical researches and develops biopharmaceutical products based on our patented DNA delivery technologies for the prevention and treatment of serious or life-threatening diseases.

7668 El Camino Real #104-803 Carlsbad, CA 92009 USA

Victrix Computational and Medicinal Chemistry offers computational and business development solutions in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.

6160 Lusk Blvd., Ste C101 San diego CA 92121 USA

Virapur offers virus production and assay services and plaque titration assay services. We specialize in Influenza virus production (live, killed, split) and assays.

2120-C Las Palmas Drive Calsbad Ca 92009 USA

Vista Biologicals offers cell culture, protein purification, stability study, antibody, and protein expression services.

1500 Highland Avenue

Waisman Rodent Models Core provides technical support for the generation and characterization of transgenic and knockout strains of mice, access to expensive behavioral equipment for mice and rats that can be shared among several investigators, and expertise in the behavioral phenotyping of mouse and rat models of MRDD and related disorders of the CNS.

10010 N Torrey Pines Rd La Jolla, CA 92037

The Biophotonics Center Core Facility exists to provide Salk Faculty with technical support for and logistical access to state-of-the-art imaging technologies to enable the next generation of biological breakthroughs at the Institute.

12740 Danielson Court, Suite F Poway, California 92064 USA

At Western Biologics, we’re focused on innovative research with the possibility to create therapies that will meet significant medical needs. We also continue to partner with other research institutions and biotechnology organizations to offer research services in early stage research and proof of concept studies.

San Diego, CA, USA

Wildcat Discovery Technologies offers clean energy, battery discovery and specialty materials.

505 Coast Blvd South, Suite 111 La Jolla CA 92037 USA

Zenobia provides structural biology, fragment-based screening and drug design services. A fragment library of 1000 compounds is also commercially available through Zenobia.

10225 Barnes Canyon Road San Diego CA 92121

Zyagen offers immunohistochemistry, tissue sectioning, northern blotting and western blotting services.

9255 Towne Centre Drive Suite 450 San Diego, CA 92122

bioRASI offers program management, data anlysis, regulatory services, and clinical services.

9640 Towne Centre Dr. Suite 200 San Diego, CA 92121 USA

bioTheranostics discovers, develops, and commercializes molecular-based diagnostic, prognostic, and predictive tests that support physicians in the treatment of patients with cancer.

10582 Matinal Circle San Diego CA 92127, USA

eBiochemica provides data management and management consulting for life science companies.

10255 Science Center Drive San Diego, CA 92121 USA

eBioscience offers custom antibody conjugation services, antibody and recombinant protein products, and detection kits.

11180 Roselle Street San Diego, CA 92121

eFFECTOR Therapeutics is pioneering a new class of small molecule drugs that act by selectively regulating translation, also known as protein synthesis.

eMolecules Headquarters 11025 N Torrey Pines Rd Suite 140 La Jolla, CA 92037 USA

eMolecules is an eCommerce company that supplies samples to customers all over the world with a strong background in cheminformatics.

6367 Alvarado Court, Suite 300 San Diego, CA 92120 USA

eStudySite offers clinical research services including patient recruitment for clinical studies in various therapeutic areas.

10239 Flanders Court San Diego, CA 92121 USA

iGentBio focus on small molecules, antibodies, matrices, cell culture media, cytokines, viruses, and biological assays and offers iPSC generation, cellular characterization, teratoma formation, karyotyping, and knock-out mouse generation.

5820 Oberlin Drive, Suite 100 San Diego, CA 92121 USA

iHistochem offers immunohistochemistry services as well as IHC kits for cell proliferation, cell cycle, apoptosis, angiogenesis, hypoxia, and oncogenic pathways.

9380 Waples St. San Diego, CA 92121 USA

ioos provides products for applying drug-eluting polymeric coatings to medical implants.